Penyuluhan Hukum Tentang Penanganan Pelanggaran Hukum Pidana Dalam Pemilihan Umum 2024 Kota Payakumbuh


  • Ferdy Afandra Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat
  • Jasman Nazar Fakultas Hukum Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat



The implementation of the 2019 Election and 2020 Election leaves a number of issues that need attention, one of which is in terms of law enforcement. Law enforcement is a benchmark for the success of elections/elections with integrity, law enforcement is needed to prevent and take action against the occurrence of various forms of violations or crimes in the process of holding elections/elections.

In the implementation of elections, there are several types of violations, namely election/election crimes, violations of the code of ethics for election/election organizers, administrative violations, and other violations. Law enforcement of election/electoral crimes in the form of maintaining the spirit and dignity of the essence of elections/elections as a beneficial distribution of power or legitimacy of the people in ensuring the implementation of the principles of a democratic state. Problems that often arise in the implementation of elections in Indonesia hinder the realization of democratic elections, some of these problems include money politics and black campaigns, professionalism of election organizers, politicization of bureaucracy, quality and capability of election participants or political parties, apathy and pragmatism in community political participation , as well as horizontal conflicts. The 2024 election will be a test for the General Election Supervisory Agency (hereinafter written as Bawaslu) in the process of upholding election justice.

The method used is (1) pre-activity by conducting a survey of the extension location, (2) carrying out the activity using a lecture method from the presenter, (3) evaluation using discussion and question and answer. The conclusions of the implementation of this legal counseling include: (1) knowing the technical aspects of election implementation procedures: (2) knowing the forms of election violations and criminal acts: (3) knowing the problems that are likely to arise in the upcoming election. The recommendation from the implementation of this activity is that there is a need for harmonization of regulations related to law enforcement in resolving election disputes and violations and it is hoped that the public will be more active in participating and supervising the running of the 2024 democratic party.



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